Requesting switch in GLiNET App to Enable Tailscale

As title, just a simple request for a switch in the GLiNET App to enable Tailscale.

Yes I can do it through the Webadmin but I want to give the Router to my wife for Travel and let her just switch it on in the App.

Yes I can assign the side switch but I have assigned that something else (other VPNs).

Thanks a lot!


+1 Agree, I would like the feature too.

Possible to create a Custom Button That points to a config file where people can edit and can share with others would offload your different requests. Then there is the matter of being cross-hardware and cross-version.

till then you can start here and adjust for your specific switch and gpio

Thanks it was more a request for implementation in the GLiNet app rather than a mode switch in the hardware or other mode switch.

Iā€™d imagine the App is closed source.


oops I read that wrong.

Hi GliNET team,

Any updates on this request (for the App) please?

Can we add the request to a separate forum or thread specifically for requests for the GLiNET App please?