Reset WISP repeater using the Reset button


Some users ask how to reset the repeater settings without fully reset the router. here is simple method. We are will making the script to do this automatically. Thanks.!mini/

Many thanks, really looking forward to a script which does this automatically :slight_smile:

I’ve done this several times but pressing the reset button when the ‘former’ WISP network is not available has no effect. Any idea what could be wrong?

Hi - the button now resets the AP (as in if i hit the button several times in a situation where the AP doesn’t start because the SSID it knew is no longer there, it comes back) but i cannot reconnect to the same or another SSID. the Internet settings in the GLI UI show ‘wisp’ but no IP, regardless how many times I try to reconnect to an WISP network.

Michael, the reset button is configured such that you hold it for a period of time to perform an action. There are 2 actions set on the button. One is to disable the WWAN and the other to reset the router. The time for the first action is LESS THAN 2 seconds and the time for the second action is MORE THAN 5 seconds.

There also is a note in blue in the above link for the script that you need to press the button again to re-enable WISP.

So, not sure what you did as far as button pressing. You may have reset the router, or you may have disabled the wireless.

Are you seeing STAtions (WISP networks) in the SSID drop down?

In the panel on the left under 'Settings", is the second icon green or orange? If orange, can you slide it to the right and make it green?

Thanks @RangerZ,

@michael and @wifird, we will release the next version firmware very soon and this problem is solved. You don’t need to worry repeater issues.

great. @alzhao Do you have an ETA? will you post it here? Imusing ar150. - so will the firmware be for that?

I am pushing this to release this week. But seems there is a lot of testing work. I may release a test firmware first. All routers will supported.

Please try firmware v2.21

so far this works nicely, both for rebooting the ap when the original wisp ssid is not around, and for accepting the pia open VPN config.

I suppose there’s no way of not storing the passwords for the wisp ap list in plaintext? Or deleting it when the previous ap is not found?


Hi guys,

that website with that link is gone:!mini/

Can somebody post a tutorial how to implement the script?

Thanks a lot.

It is still in the github, but we removed the link.