Resolv.conf IPv4 servers not changed by custom DNS?

Hi all,

Lately I’ve been using my MT1300 with China Telecom networks, which its default DNS servers are known to mess up requests to GitHub raw user contents site. For this reason I’ve set both my IPv4 and IPv6 DNS to Alibaba’s public servers inside the web UI. However, adblock that is running on my router still cannot grab blocklists from GitHub because inside /tmp/resolv.conf (links to /tmp/ there’s still only default ISP servers for IPv4. For IPv6 though, Alibaba servers are listed above default ISP servers so that’s good I guess.
I would like to know is it normal for resolv.conf to be not managed by custom DNS settings? And how do I get stuff running on my router (like adblock) to use DNS servers I set?

Thanks in advance.

The local DNS of the router is completely independent and is set to automatically obtain DNS server addresses from the ISP by default.
If you are familiar with SSH, you can use SSH to log in to your router and use the following command to change your router’s DNS.

rm /etc/resolv.conf
echo "nameserver" >/etc/resolv.conf

Thanks. I did more digging and found that v4 DNS servers are set in DNS forwarding but v6 DNS servers are set in the wan6 interface. Maybe that’s the reason v4 servers aren’t written into resolv.conf.
Following your suggestion, if I want the router to use the local resolver running on it can I set and ::1 in resolv.conf?

Openwrt is a Linux system, and I think any Linux system can do this.