[Resolved] Opening GL-MiFi

I’d like to open the GL-MiFi to install a GPS antenna.

Would someone provide some instructions, a picture, or YouTube on how to open the router up? I’ve tried a few different times and am worried I am going to snap the plastic.




You just need to carefully remove the 4 rubber feet which exposes 4 screws underneath which you need to undo with a small Phillips screwdriver. The flat base then just “drops” out if you turn it over as the battery is attached to the base. Won’t fall to the ground as the battery is connected to the main pcb in the top shell housing.

And just in case for the Spitz X750 you need to remove the serial sticker to expose two screws which you need to undo then prise the base off. This one had me tricked for a while :blush:

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@limbot Glad I asked! I would have destroyed the case. Any tips to stick those back on?




Nah just prise them off carefully and they should restick. Mine have been off multiple times (don’t ask) and still stick pretty well.

@limbot – I accidentally took off the glue so I will need to buy some adhesive. Not a big deal. I also need a new screwdriver since the holes are so small :slight_smile:.

@mbw trip to the local hardware shop then. :joy:

Rubber cement or silicone seal in just a tiny dab should work. You may want to remove them again!

Yes a VERY SMALL amount of rubber/silicon adhesive as you don’t want excess dripping into the screw hole tube and blocking it up so you can’t get to the screws later.

Personally I just re-stick the rubber feet onto the base directly beside the little moulded circles where they would be covering the screw holes. That way you still get rubber feet, but screws are also still accessible.

Bloody hell! Genius! :grin: