Restart scripts

Hello, I have a problem and I would like to ask you for a hand if possible, I have a MT300 V2 connected to the home network via lan cable, every now and then the isp network goes down and the MT300 loses the internet connection, in this way the voip phones connected via vpn wireguard do not work, after the wan network entering the mt300 is working again the only way to restore the wireguard client is to restart, I would like to ask you if there is the possibility of a script that reads the network status every 10 minutes I think since log file and if the network is down restart the mt300, is this possible? Thanks in advance

If you bind if to GoodCloud it shows a disconnected and connected log

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Thanks for your reply, yes my MT300 is already connected to goodCloud and I am getting connection disconnect notifications but I would need to restart it when the network goes down.

If you enable SSH on the MT300 you can do it through the goodcloud ssh portal(might take a couple tries to connect)
If you are using a VPN you may wan to have GL.inet services not us vpn.

once logged in to ssh with root and password type restart(for complete router restart) or restart wglient(for wireguard)

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