Restore of a backup causes a factory reset

I just got a GL-A1300 to replace my OpenWRT router based on RaspberryPi3. I initially tried to restore the Raspy OpenWRT backup into the A1300 but noticed it was causing a factory reset. Thought it would be related to the different device so decided to create the config manually instead. Did that partially just for a test, made a backup from the A1300 OpenWRT interface and tried the restore again. This time I was expecting it to work since backup was made from the same device. No luck, same issue, still factory reset.

I’ve also noticed that changing the MAIN LAN IP range from OpenWRT has issues, it only works if I change the IP of the device from it’s web interface.

Anyone able to help?


try different images (stable, beta, snapshots…etc) there might be a bug: