Restricting download Quota?


is there a way on my GL-AR300M to restrict download quota? Maybe with a nice luci plugin??

I’ve installed iptables-mod-extra and edited: etc/sysctl.conf for iptables=1 .

Tried ssh iptables and normal: without luck.

Can someone explain what I should do, or why all is not working?


PS: I’m a newby and i am a Little bit afraid to install just for this reason gargoyl.

In classic way for quoting You need proxy. I recommended “3proxy” or “tinyproxy”

Thanks for the answer, but I found no information about a download volume limit for tinyproxy; can you suggest some please?

I found much information about squid and limiting.


TinyProxy is not suitable for the task of restricting user traffic, sorry, my mistake. But 3proxy is suitable for this. I advised to begin with him.

See my link howto

Is there a way to install Gargoyle on a GL-AR300M ? I saw the GL-AR150 is supported.

What model do. I need to use?

Ps: I’m a newbie I don’t want to compile or code.

I check Gargoyle download page and there is no support of AR300M

Can someone give us a guide showing steps how we can accomplish data download limits? I only know how to log in the the GL-AR300M interface and there is no such setting in the UI.

Do you want to limit by IP or interface?

I would like to set a daily data limit of 300MB across all users connected to my router. So if user 1 consumes 50MB and user 2 consumes 50MB the total data consumed would be 100MB. I hope this explains it better :slight_smile:

I looked for tinyproxy (there is no quota) and I tried 3proxy (this is not installable easyli on OpenWRT)!!.

I think the key is to make a quota for a Interface like 2nd WLan or so??

I´ve made nettables +(iptables=1) and iptables-mod-extra and quota2 ((on my router)) but it is not stable working with ssh and iptables.

  1. tried squid for all (but much work)(and not transparent by Default).

I think Gargoyle (AR150) is a good solution and i am open to others…

  1. Maybe load balancing is a solution as well.

I’m not sure if you’re looking for this:

Objective: To limit the speed of uploads or downloads of certain devices in the network.

We will achieve this goal with a script, but first we have to be clear the following variables:

TC=tc ~ Name of command Traffic Control

IF=br-lan ~ iface to controll the speed limit

DNLD=100kbit ~ Download limit

UPLD=10kbit ~ Upload limit

IP= ~ Example: First IP to limit speed

IP2= ~ Example: Second IP to limit speed

Once we have the script the first thing we will do is put the ip of which device we want to limit the internet speed.

# nano
Restricting Download certain IPs Image

Once modified in the file; The upload / download speed and ip. Save the file and close.

ctrl+o [enter] ctrl+x
We execute it with the command:
sh start
And we stop it with the command:
sh stop
Links: Info from: Script: Download here