Reverse wireless bridge

Hi, I would like to know if I can use this device to connect an older piece of equipment that only has a wired Ethernet jack to my network and I do not have a wired Ethernet socket in that room but I do have strong WiFi signal from my router.
I believe this is a standard capability of DD-WRT but I have not seen this discussed.

Thank you

Yes, the GL.iNet firmware supports this kind of “repeater” or “bridge” mode. Depending on your other router’s firmware there are a couple ways to do it. Both are straightforward to configure.

This is called Wireless bridge and you can set up using GL.iNet router.

Go to more settings → network mode

Then choose WDS or Extender.

WDS: it has compatible issues and may only work with open source routers. Do not use it to work with Broadcomm chipset routers or Cisco routers.

Extender: it should work with all kinds of routers.

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Great, thank you, looking forward to trying it.

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