Review of Beryl Gigabit WiFi VPN Router

I bought a Beryl router to set up a central VPN for all the devices in my apartment instead of a separate one on each device. But it’s small, so it’s also good as a travel router.

It’s as easy as turning it on in the settings screen. If you use the included AC adapter (5V/3A), you can power your smartphone while tethering.

To set up an OpenVPN client, just get the ovpn file, account name, and password from your VPN service provider and set it up.

Also, remember to change the password for the wireless LAN. Of course, set the administrator password to a strict one as well.
Beryl Router.01


Did you try connecting in Repeater Mode, to a Mesh WIFI network? My earlier tests of this did not work. Has it been fixed? Let us know.

Great little router but wondering does this router have automatic fail over, between Cable (WLAN), 3G/4G Modem, Tethering and Wifi hotspot? Im guessing would be an add-on if some sort?

Hi @italkdigital yes Beryl supports automatic failover by default, you don’t need to do additional settings. And the default priority is: Cable > Repeater > 3/4G Modem > Tethering.

@pross64japan Thank you for sharing your user experience! Quite a number of users are using Beryl in their apartments. :wink:

Hi @kajimike Generally it shall support it without problems. But at that point, it would only act as a wireless station, but not to build a mesh node with your existing WIFI network.


As mentioned, failover is already built into the device:

Cable > Repeater > 3/4G Modem > Tethering

If you want to change the priorities then you can edit /etc/config/network

You’ll find there is a “option metric” for each interface. The values should be 10, 20, 30, 40. The lower the number the higher the priority.

config interface ‘wan’
option ifname ‘eth0’
option hostname ‘GL-B2200-cb0’
option ipv6 ‘0’
option metric ‘10’
option proto ‘pppoe’
option username ‘’
option password ‘xxxxxxxxx’
option disabled ‘0’
option peerdns ‘1’

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I do not want it to be another mesh node, never did. Just have it connect and repeat. I would use this in a RV when I travel. So that I can have all the devices in the RV connect to the Opal’s wifi. And not have to change them when I move around. Just use Repeater mode to get internet connectivity into the RV via the Opal.

But it does not work in Repeat mode

Hi @kajimike, I have forwarded your question to our IT team, they need more info to determine the problem. Please send an email to, our team will help, thank you!