Roku Netflix DNS is hardcoded and

I have the gl.inet gl-mt300n-v2 which I am using as a second router as a VPN router. When trying to watch Netflix on my Roku, I get an error message saying that I am using VPN/proxy and I noticed that the DNS is stuck at and Is there a way I can change the DNS on the gl.inet gl-mt300n-v2?

Hey HChan,

Try going to More Settings → Custom DNS and turn on “Override DNS Settings for All Clients.”

I haven’t tried it, but it seems to be for this exact purpose. Hope it works for you!


Netflix uses a number of ways to detect VPN traffic, not limited to just knowing which IPs belong to VPNs, the number of people trying to connect from a single IP (the VPN exit), the geo-location of the IP, and probably a few other tricks as well.


That is Google DNS, not VPN DNS. It is not the problem you have.

this was one of the first things i’ve tried but no luck