Route all traffic through configured VPN except Xbox/warzone gameplay

I am a relatively new user and setup my Spitz AX and is working well. I would like to set it up so that all traffic ;(or as much as possible) goes through the vpn, except when I am playing video games, due to the increase in ping. I mostly just play warzone, and I imagine to set this up I will have to determine the IP addresses of all of the potential servers I might connect to while playing warzone. Is there an easier way? If not, how could I go about determining these server IP addresses?

I don’t want to route all traffic from my Xbox outside of the VPN, as non-VPN traffic is metered and the regular game updates quickly wipeout my data allotment.

You can set VPN Policy based on Mac Address (IP) and tell GlInet which Mac Address should use VPN or Not.

Wouldn’t that route all traffic from my Xbox (MAC Address) outside of the vpn? Like I mentioned, I need the game update downloads to still go through thr VPN.

Yeah, you’re going to have some real fun finding all & inputting all those IPs. /s

Seriously though you’re looking to find out the game provider’s ASN & then look it up for the associated IPs. Maybe some other madman on Steam or other another game related forum would know.

One you have it you’ll need to translate it. Here’s some lookup sites:

Have fun.

Then you’ll have to play with IPtables & Ports and a custom VPN profile. It can be done but you’ll need to figure out all the ports for the updates like which servers Xbox uses for updates, etc.

I think another way is to set a Global Policy to let everything go through VPN, then set an exclusion just for Warzone but you’ll need to figure out all the IPs / Ports for that game.

Alternatively you could find a VPN that is game friendly ping wise (ExpressVPN?) and let everything go through VPN and be done with it.

He does not need to get into iptables.

Which is first done by determining the ASN.