ROUTE local traffic to vpn

I’ve got a gli net Opal. I’m pretty new to this world, so this Is what i want ti achive
At home i have a pfsense router where i set a openvpn server tò access my local LAN from remote. I can use amy client likes phone, PC,and tablet to access my local LAN wirhout any problem.
Wat i want to achive Is that any devices connected tò the gli net Opal could reach my remote lan. I connected the Opal to my pfsense router and the tunnel work. I want to be able tò reach my remote lan segment (192.168.1.xx) from any device connected tò the Opal that Is acting as vpn client, how can i do that?
Thanks you very much

Hi,and welcome to the forum. I don’t have an Opal, but I have a Slate with a OpenVPN client to connect to the OpenVPN server on a remote pfSense router, and clients connected to my gl-inet router can talk with remote pfSense LAN clients. Is IP Masquarading enabled in the Options for the Opal OpenVPN client?

I fixed It!
I had tò set manuale route for the vpn and add a statico route to the home subnet using the client ip (Opal) as gateway

Glad it works and thanks for letting us know the solution.