Route UDP port range over vpn

I’m looking for a way to route the only range of UDP traffic over VPN.

Thanks in advance.

@alzhao Can you please have a look on this. Thanks in advance.

Can you describe in another way? Not sure what you mean?

@alzhao, what i mean is, i just to route the udp traffic over wireguard VPN.

fyi, i have only one VPN enable i.e.; Wireguard.

You want UDP traffic over wireguard, TCP go to normal Internet?

The router does not do this.

Is there any special scenario for this applciation?

Why not just use domain or IP based?

@alzhao actually, i want just WhatsApp audio/video calls to be routed over the VPN, and for this specific UDP ports are required to be routed over the VPN.

like destination udp port 3748 is required.

If i route only UDP it will work.

maybe try add to domain based vpn policies.

I have totally no idea if it works right for you.

@alzhao, tried but no luck. i added all the domains for whatsapp and facebook to route this traffic with VPN.

traffic flow is, initially the call request from a phone goes to the server and then server check the remote phones availability and then both phones will exchange UDP traffic to each other to establish the connection.

so, in my scenario, the last part of the flow is broken, bcoz these both source and destination IPs are not included in the VPN policy, basically added one public IP doesn’t seems to be a good or scalable solution.