Router and Captive-portals

Hello everyone, I’ve a question that I’d like to ask, and I was hoping someone could help me.
I’m guessing this question has been asked before, but so far I haven’t been able to find the answer to this specific question.

I’m currently on vacation, and there’s an internet network available here. Anyone can log onto it through Wi-Fi, but to use the internet you need to first pass through a captive portal page.

On this page you can choose between using free Wi-Fi (which is limited) or you can log into a paid account, and use that account on upto 4 devices at once.

I’m using a paid account, but I’d like to be able to log onto more than 4 devices with the same account, and for example use chromecast, which is currently not possible because of the captive portal.

I was wondering if I can use one of the GL.inet routers to be able to set up a small network, where the router logs onto the account, and I can use as many devices as I’d like through the router. Would this be possible, and if so, how would I go about doing this?

Connect your devices to your router. Go to the gl inet page of the router with your phone or computer ( Set you router to function as router, in tab “internet” clock scan to find and login to the wifi network. You want your router to connect to.
When connected, go to the captive portal and login.

If you have only one allowe device and already used your phone, you can “mac clone” your mac address in the “more settings” tab. Chances are big both devices will not have access simultaneously then.

OK. This is typical application and here are the docs


is the router MUST be in repeater mode?
cant it be in router mode itself?

it’s because my files are cifs/samba shared on my laptop, thus the IP is fixed e.g. while my phone is This IP pair is valid in my home, while my phone is hotspot etc.

It would be nice if when using captive portals wifis my IPs are still the same.


if the router must be set in repeater mode, then what’s the point of the router?
the signla is already strong in my library… i don’t need signal enhancement…


I need to clarify something:

Router mode, including WISP repeater, tethering. This is the normal mode you are using. The router works as NAT and firewall. This is why you need it to isolate from a public network.

Bridge mode, including AP, Extender or WDS. In this mode, the router works as bridge. NAT, firewall and vpn will not work. You use this only to anmplify or extend wifi signal.

In you case, your router has IP and your phone has So the router is bridged to your phone. This is not router mode. It is bridge mode.

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may be I wrote unclear.

in my home,
opal is, (using router mode), above it is brumeW of IP
laptop is
phone is,

files are shared among laptop and phone using the above static IP.

so when I move opal, laptop and phone to use library wifi e.g.,
I ofcoz hope the laptop and phone’s IP were the same, as they are hard coded.

Yes you are right.

when you go to lib, you can set Opal in repeater mode, which means you connect it to Lib wifi network for Internet. But it is still Router Mode.

as seen here,

it didn’t say the openwrt must be in repeater mode:
FAQs - GL.iNet Docs

Why there is no captive portal page for me to enter my authentication information when I connect to a public hotspot?

Please follow the instructions below to disable the DNS rebind protection.

  1. Connect to the public hotspot which requires authentication through captive portal.



when you go to lib, you can set Opal in repeater mode, which means you connect it to Lib wifi network for Internet. But it is still Router Mode.

anyway let me try in library several days later…
will try "router mode"1st, if cant will try "repeater mode"and see how’s the IP.


ok, got u, repeater is still under router mode.