Router API Help


I’ve been wanting to expand the Router’s current API for V3. Whilst I know how to do this typically on a fresh installation, I’m trying to test it using V3 firmware.

I’ve set the appropriate files to be able to run my Lua scripts and updated my uhttpd file to look in the right direction, but every time I attempt to test my API it outputs the HTML for the Admin Panel.

I’m sure there are proper steps which I need to take to be able to run my API alongside the current working ones provided, but I can’t seem to find any documentation of it.

Would anyone be able to steer me in the right direction or have any tips for starting this?


You can refer to the API document:

Only open the API document, so you can use it to rewrite the webUI, but the backend SDK is closed.

If you want to expand the API for business, you can contact to what kind of work you want to do specifically, we will find out the best way to collaborate.

Is there any way to get some help on some of the stuff you’ve done? I.e. not releasing the source code for the API but some help for your users to be able to follow on?

As I can understand not publishing your code, but the way you guys have done it seem rather unique and I can’t seem to find anywhere that does something similar or proposes ideas on how a person can get started?

Thanks again!

Here is a backend API example.

Any chance you have something with documentation or some guidance? I’ve attempted to follow through the code and I’m still not able to get a sense of direction. Thanks!

GL.iNet Software development process and (74.9 KB)

Please refer to this instruction.