Router blocking all inbound traffic even though firewall is off

Even with all firewall rules flushed, and all defaults set to allow, my Beryl router is blocking traffic originating from outside the router. The router is in Router mode and using wwan as its gateway.

Also, I can’t ping my computer connected on the lan side of the router from the router (via ssh), but I can ping the router from the computer.

Is there another program that blocks all inbound traffic on top of iptables? This is the first openwrt router that I have had this problem with.

My intent was to put the router close to the edge of the house (but inside) to give my outdoor cameras a closer AP to connect to. It’s size allows me to obscure with a plant, vase or anything else of the sort. But this seems to be extending its use case beyond its use case, I guess.

I need to be able to open connections to the cameras, since they use rtsp. I haven’t found a way for the cameras to be the originators of the stream.

I also tried Extender and WDS modes, and the router was dropping inbound packets there as well. Pinging from the router to hosts on the wwan side works fine. Pinging to the router to an ip address on the wwan side also works (including the internet).

Also I can’t ping anything outside the router from my computer connected to the lan side.

I am unclear on how your Beryl and outdoor cameras has been set up in your network.

Can you post a screenshot of the full GL.iNet UI Admin Page showing the WWAN connection to the gateway and the WLAN connection to the cameras?

Figured it out. PC is blocking pings, not the router. Also had to correct routes/firewall settings on the upstream router.