Router choice for wifi range

I’m wondering which mini-router would provide the best wifi range? I’m very happy with the functionality of my GL-AR150, but I noticed it has less wifi tx power than the other models (18dBm vs 20dBm).

Would I notice much difference with one of the other models? How much difference could I expect from one of the models with external antenna?



I’m still interested in this topic if anyone has any suggestions.

Would getting a GL-AR300M-Ext and using it with 5dbi antennas rather than the 2dbi antennas it comes with be a good option? Is there any reason that the GL-AR300M-Ext is sold with 2dbi antennas when the GL-AR150-ext comes with a 5dbi antenna?

For my purposes range is the most important criteria (much more important than speed!). Any information about how the different models perform in this area would be very much appreciated.

AR300M-Ext has the best range as you expected. Its signal is much better.

2dbi antenna is just small and cute than 5dbi for the mini router. You can try 5dbi or 7dbi antenna for your case.

Thanks alzhao. That’s good to know.