Router in car


I am planning a road trip in Europe in the summer and i want to have an router/ travel router with 4G (5G?) for different devices.

I can connect the router to usb-c for continous power in my Tesla Model 3.

Any suggestion?

Depends on your internet source

Mobile phone hotspot or you want to use a seperate sim card? Does your data plan limit hotspot usage

If using phone hotspot
Mt3000 (smaller dimension, wifi6, better wifi, more available ram)
A1300 (all rounder)
Axt1800 (faster CPU, wifi6)
Mt1300 (budget)
Sft1200 (budget)

If sim card (but these are old model and 4g only)

Thank you! Possible to add an wifi usb dongle to the more powerful one without sim card?

You mean 4g / 5g sim usb module ?

Yes they support quectel modems, but you got to find out which specific model they support

Also support some 4g USB router. I tried huawei with success

Some GL.iNet routers have drivers for common USB wifi adapters, but it is very specific as to the router model and USB wifi adapter model. In particular, the newer routers on Firmware 4 seem to have less compatibility (e.g.,MT3000).

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