Router in house to router in barn with AR750s

New member and new to using AR750s. I live in a rural area and utilize a cellular modem for internet. My pole barn is approximately 100 feet away from the house. I have another cellular router inside the pole barn (which is metal) that doesn’t connect to the internet due to the metal. The other day I set the AR750s in the window facing the side of the house where the house cellular router is located and the AR750s picked up the signal. Is it possible to use the AR750s as a way to connect the house router thru the AR750s to the router inside the barn. I hope this makes some type of sense. Thanks

In your Barn you want Internet? As your Barn is metal, cellular and wifi will not work. You have to use external antenna and put the antenna outside of your barn.

AR750s does not have detachable antennas. Maybe you can consider our X750 which you can use external antenna and work with wifi and cellular.

You may also try AR150-Ext, AR300M-Ext which has detachable antennas but only wifi, connecting to your home wifi.

In your barn, what devices do you need to connect to the Internet?

Yes, I would like to have internet access in the barn. I have a computer and TV in a office that I would like to have internet access available. I thought when I originally sent the post that I might be able to use the AR750S as a bridge between my house router and the cellular router that I have in the barn, but I don’t believe that is possible. I will look into the X750.


There are a lot of variables like whether the distance between the house and the barn is clear or has vegetation or other obstacles.

I had a Gl.Inet B1300 in a window at a main house living in a cabin about 30m away. There was sparse vegetation between the two residences.

Using a Mango in WISP repeater mode in a Window facing the main router I could get about .3Mbps. If I swapped it out for a larger TP-Link WR4300ND (running OpenWRT) then I was getting 30Mbps. I sadly never tried with my AR750S.

You say you can see the signal so theoretically you can run the AR750S in Repeater mode and you should be able to get some sort of signal into the pole barn. If you can try WISP repeating on one band of the AR750s and use the other band for your WiFI.

As I say whether it’s enough signal to give you a good enough signal will depend on a whole heap of variables.

Give it a go!! :Nothing to lose. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately modern windows have some metal mixed in with the glass, to contain heat better. This means having the router behind the window will cut the signal by 99% if not completely. Try placing the router just outside the window for the test @limbot . For a fixed solution it is required to use an outdoor directional antenna :slight_smile:

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The house and stables (where we stayed) was originally built in 1878 but I suspect the glass had been 'upgraded" by the time we moved in @Johnex :blush:

I guess what I was trying to indicate was that it is possible using a wisp repeater to extend the wifi out given the correct conditions.

We were only looking after the place for a few months so the WISP did fine but yes if it was longer term I would have looked at investing in something like the Ubiquiti nanostations or similar, :blush:

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I do have signal via the AR750S as a repeater from the house router. The signal isn’t too bad, between 6-12mbps down but really bad up around 0.6 - 1.2mbps. I currently do have the AR750S sitting in the window of the barn to get the signal. I looked into the Ubiquiti Nanostation a while ago, then got going on something else. I’ll look into that route again.

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