Router inaccessible and backing up IP reservations

  • Router : GL.iNet GL-MT6000
  • firmware version: v4.6.2 (was using 4.5.8 before today)

Odd thing. router working fine since I bought it just over a month ago. Woke up and it had stopped working. Naturally I thought it was the internet, but no. Directing connecting to the modem gave me internet. I tried to connect to my standard gateway/admin and nothing. Wifi was working but not connecting to the internet. Even directly connecting via ethernet didn't work. no admin panel nothing.
ended up resetting the device and starting from scratch again which was a pain.

First how do I find out what happened. obviously the admin panel was inaccessible and wipes once i reset so that seems a bit rubbish. Does random stuff like this happen normally? I literally didn't change anything to my network while I slept. my last cam footage on the network was 11.30pm so guessing around that time the network went down.

I use DHCP but I reserve most of my IP to organise devices. is there any way of backing this list up? i currently had to manually copy each device from my network map. There must be a better way.

Are you using beta or snapshot firmware?

sorry made a typo above (edited) i was using stable 4.5.8 before this morning using 4.6.2 release 1 now

I use Winscp to login to the router.
Choose "SCP" as connection file protocol type, root as username and password what you set. IP of router and port 22

Navigate to etc > config > gl-client

You can double click the file from within winscp and copy the text or just download the file, it contains your static IP list.

I copy that file and also the "dhcp" file, the dhcp will contain the names of clients that you have edited (hostname, icon image etc) then gl-client contains the static IP list.

Before I restore the files I make sure the DHCP range etc is correct inside the GUI. You won't see the gl-client file if you don't make at least one static IP (after you have restored your device) you could just upload the file and then it will be there or just make a dummy reservation for the file to be created.

I just copy and paste the text back to their corresponding files, save the file, refresh the GUI and it works great, saves me time having to re-assign / edit my client names, type etc.

Amazing thank you for a solid answer!

winscp is awesome! loving that i can just copy over some key configs

Really does help out. Saves editing files via commands, just open the file and edit direct or as you say, copy and download files.