Router mt-1300 reboots when I power on my nas

Router mt-1300 reboots when I power on my nas any clues why?

How do you connect these things?

If applicabile, I have found some powered hubs with on/off independent for each usb port cause complete eject/insert when something is plugged in and out. Not sure why but may be applicable. Try differnet try mixing brands/powered usb2.0/3.0 and always do rain dance to hardware gods…cause only god knows what some of these 3rd party hardware manf. were thinking

I use my raspberry pi to send a wake on lan magic packet to my nas and or pc via wireguard VPN but once my nas boots it makes my router reboot.

Do you have an IP conflict maybe?

It isn’t clear what your topology is. It sounds like you are making a wireguard connection to the Beryl and from a remote connection sending a WOL to a NAS wired to the Beryl LAN. No?

I will try and lock the Mac address to the ip. Thanks