Router offline on GoodCloud

Router: GL-MT300N-V2
Firmware: 3.212

When the router is setup as a client but it cant connect to the server it shows offline on Goodcloud. I have to disconnect it the Wireguard vpn on this router so it can show online on Goodcloud eventhough I have enable VPN Policies and the option “use VPN for all processes on this router” disable or off like the example below:

Does anybody know the cause of this issue?

Can you try 3.215 beta3?

BTW, what is the wireguard service are you using?

@alzhao yes I can try the 3.215 beta3.

What do you mean by wireguard service?

Who run your Wireguard server?

@alzhao I have the GL-MV1000 router as Wireguard server. My Internet service provider is AT&T.
Hopefully this is the answer you are looking for. :grinning:

yes. Pls try 3.215 beta3