Router or Security Gateway

I decided to upgrade my home network mainly for Wi-Fi 6, WPA3, Additional Guest Wi-Fi with VPN connection and AdGuard Home.

As for router I see these cheap models that seems works perfect for 2000 sq. ft.:
Huawei AX3 (Dual-Core) and ASUS RT-AX55.
I don’t require USB ports so they are fine.

I search for RPi setups for possible adding VPN and AdGuard before router but it seems not powerful enogh for this jobs which requires additional adapter for USB or gigabit LAN.

Today I see Brume 2 which is a security gateway from GL-iNet and also Flint, a router from GL-iNet! I’m interested and sign up here to ask the community for recommended setups.

It’s good idea that place Brume 2 between my ISP modem and Wi-Fi router for VPN and AdGuard protection for my router?

How Brume 2 USB port actually works, I mean it just for data sharing or also support 4G dongle?

As I searched more about Flint, it seems latest OpenWRT not yet supported, it’s temporary or due to chipset limitation?


Can you put your WiFi router in bridge mode? If yes then it is perfect.

It will support some models.

It is highly possible that the chipset will be supported. But I cannot promise. Now the firmware already use openwrt 21.02.