Router Reboot

Hi, I just purchased a router in which the globe light and 4g light do not turn on. So the instructions say to log into the ip adress which I did. When I get onto the gl-Inet admin page, my instructions that came with the modem told me to go into my network settings and edit my APN. I have found it to be extremely difficult to even find the first step. I will paste a picture of the instructions. If someone could please help me find these as easy and simple as possible.

What router model do you have? Normally, you need to use address if your router is a GL-inet.
Once you enter the login page, could you paste a screenshot of the configuration/settings page?

I actually figured it out from a video. Instead of typing ATT in the APN section, I typed in BROADBAND and it worked. In the instructions on the paper it says to change the APN to broadband after changing the APN title itself to ATT which didn’t work even after I rebooted the router. Overall the paper in which gl-inet gave me was some of the worst instructions ever. For some reason I can’t get pictures to load here of the page but when the instructions start off by saying “network settings” there is no tab saying networks settings or nearly any of the steps on the paper.

Now the wifi stopped working and says my SIM card doesn’t work. Nice.

You bought someone else. You’d better talk with the seller.

Are you using it is our product?