Router reset

how can I reset to factory with gl.inet packages…
I have uboot the rooter to openwrt, but can’t see the gl.inet interface anyway.

You need to flash the correct firmware for your device from here:

Using uboot.

Thanks which one is for my gl mt300n v2? The mango router. I tried several firmwares but only OpenWrt afterwards.



Stable 3.102
Testing 3.104

Both Gl.Inet firmwares (with Gl.iNet GUI)


To get the Mango into uboot:

  1. Remove power cable
  2. Insert LAN cable into LAN port
  3. Hold down reset button and keep held down
  4. Insert Power cable
  5. The power (left) light will come on solid
  6. The Wifi (right) light will flash 5 times
  7. When you have the power (left) and activity (middle ) lights solid release the reset button
  8. You should now be in uboot mode (

I find the gl.inet instructions a bit ambiguous

Hope this helps.

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thanks so much I will have a try.