Router setup

I have your VIXMINI-1bc mini router and would like to get support from
you if possible.

My first problem.
I can’t get to your setup where I can
change the username and password for my router.

does not work.

**My second problem.**

I can’t complete the setup of my D-Link camera to work with your router.

I get to the last step but the setup can't connect to the internet.
Maybe it's because the signal is too weak from the router?

Any suggestions?

  Thank you,


Did you try to reset your router first? That’s easiest way to get back to the web admin panel. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.
Learn more: Repair or Reset - GL.iNet Docs

Which model? Maybe you need to reset your camera as well.

Hi Panpan thanks for your reply.
I need to be very careful with what I do.
I don’t want to make any mistakes and make matters worse!

If I reset my VIXMINI router, will I be able to choose my own
Username and Password for the router?
Right now the Username I believe is VIXMINI-1bc?

Also when I press the reset button, how will I be able to see anything?
The router has no screen!
How will I enter the information?
Can you please explain in detail?

My D-Link camera is the DCS-930L.

I was able to setup my cameras (6 of them) with my D-Link router.
But my D-Link router has 4 LAN ports on its back.

A D-Link agent came up with a strategy that might work.
This is what he suggested:

If I set up my VIXMINI-1bc with: Username and Pass
and then setup my D-Link router with same Username and Pass and then
set up the cameras with D-Link, I should be able to use my VIXMINI with the cams !

Setup instructions:

When the first time you get the VIXMINI router, you must setup an admin password. If you forget it, you need to reset the router to set a new admin password. When you press and hold the reset button for more than 10 seconds to reset it, the light will flash like crazy for a while and then it will go out. When it’s back again, it’s reset successfully. Then, you can do the first-time setup all over again by visiting the admin panel on
It’s fine if you don’t want to reset your cameras, I guess your cameras were connect to another wifi before and they are still looking for the old wifi SSID and password.
I am not very sure about the role of your D-Link router in your user case. Do you want to use the D-link router as main router and VIXMINI as a wireless repeater?

When you said the the two routers sharing the same “username” and “password”, do you mean the wifi name and wifi password?

Thanks for helping out!

I really could use your help now.

I will explain my situation more clearly now.

I have two Wifi routers:

1. VIXMINI-1bc
2. D-Link

I don’t use my D-Link router because it is very strong and hurts my head.

I am trying to setup my D-Link camera to use it with my VIXMINI-1bc router.

I can successfully setup my D-Link router with my D-Link camera.
I can NOT setup my VIXMINI-1bc router with my D-Link camera.

When I reach the setup page where you choose ‘Wifi’ connection there is a dropdown
list of ALL Wifi signals in your area.
My list shows around 12 different Wifi signals.

BUT my VIXMINI-1bc router is NOT on the list!!!

I just finished talking with D-Link support on the phone for one hour and they couldn’t help me
to fix the problem.

The tech support thinks the problem is that the VIXMINI-1bc is using a security that the camera
does not support.

Can you please tell me if the VIXMINI-1bc is using WPA3, WPA2, or WPA security?
He thinks if it can be set to WPA2 or WPA then it might work.

Thank you!


Do you have a computer, smartphone or tablet to try scanning for and connecting the VIXMINI to make sure it works? Note that the VIXMINI only has 2.4GHz wifi.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Thanks for helping out wcs2228.

I can successfully connect my computer, smartphone, notebooks and tablets with my
VIXMINI-1bc router.

Only my D-Link camera can not recognize it now.

Now here’s the most puzzling part.
A few months ago after trying all sorts of different things I WAS ABLE
to connect my camera to the VIXMINI router!

I don’t remember what I did, but when I tried it recently it stopped working
and thus I have to go through the whole setup procedure again with
the software.

It is because of this info that the tech guy thinks maybe the VIXMINI
received a security update that is now preventing it from seeing the
D-Link camera.

Since you are able to connect to the VIXMINI with a computer, smartphone, etc., I doubt the problem is with the router. The VIXMINI is pretty old and the last stable firmware release was on 2018-09-25 and the last beta release was on 2019-08-26. I always disable Auto Upgrade on routers. I also used to have a D-Link DCS-930L, DCS-932L and DCS-936L, all of which are pretty old.

Did you set the VIXMINI wifi to Channel 6, speed to 300M and TX power to 20? Do all 6 of the cameras fail to connect to the VIXMINI? You can try resetting the camera to factory settings and scanning again.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Thanks again for helping wcs!

OK here’s an update. Before I answer your questions I want to give more info.

I was having trouble trying to make a connection to get into setup (
so I went to look at the original box with setup instructions.

While I was looking I saw a second router I bought a year ago the same time I bought
It is the GL-MT300N-V2-ab2.

I never used it as I was satisfied with the way the VIXMINI was working.
When I looked more carefully at the GL-MT300N-V2-ab2 I saw right away it was
made by the same company as the VIXMINI.
I never knew that. :slight_smile:

So took out the GL-MT300N-V2-ab2 and tried to get into setup. After a short time I managed
to enter setup via ( When I was there I setup everything, but not with the
intent of using it as my router, but just as a backup or possibly use it if my VIXMINI couldn’t be
setup properly.

So then I focused again on the VIXMINI. Try as I might I couldn’t get into setup via
( :frowning:

This is where I need guidance currently. Could you please tell me the exact cable configuration to access the setup panel through my browser?

Then I’ll be able to answer your questions from above.
I reset the router for three seconds, but was reluctant to do the 10 second reset.
Of course if I have to do that to get into the setup I will.

Thanks again!


If my understanding is correct from your post, you successfully set up the GL-MT300N-V2, which is a newer, better and supported GL.iNet router. As a test, I suggest you try using scanning for and connecting to the GL-MT300N-V2. If this works, then it will be further evidence that the D-Link camera works okay.

It is pretty safe to do the 10-second reset on the VIXMINI according to previous post, as I and other users have done that on GL.iNet routers:

If you do not reset the VIXMINI and you are not able to log in, then the router would be of no use anyway. After resetting, you can follow the setup instructions:

I think the Ethernet port is for WAN on initial setup and you cannot use that the first time, but you can still try it.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Ok I dont have a vix mini, but if it’s like the other routers, to reset you hold down the reset button, the led flashes, flashes a bit faster and then flashes really fast at which time you release the reset button. The unit should then reset and reboot. Timing is approximate and faster routers reset quicker than slower ones so watch the led instead .

Hopefully at that time once it’s rebooted you will see the default network or be able to connect to the LAN port and connect to

Thanks again wcs.
Yes I setup my GL-MT300N using the web browser setup.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get a successful scan for its Wifi signal. :frowning:
These are my setting for the GL-MT300N:
SSID = GL-MT300N-V2-ab2
User = admin
Pass = xxxxxxxxxx
Security = WPA2-PSK
Channel = 6
Speed = 54M
TX Power (dBm) = 6
Current ver. = 3.025
Compile time = 2019-08-05

“It is pretty safe to do the 10-second reset on the VIXMINI according to previous post, as I and other users have done that on GL.iNet routers:”
Well I did reset my router and it wasn’t safe as you suggested. Now I can’t get into setup and assign
a password!!!
I would appreciate a step-by-step tips on how to connect my devices to get into the setup screen?

“If you do not reset the VIXMINI and you are not able to log in, then the router would be of no use anyway. After resetting, you can follow the setup instructions:”

Not true. I could still use the router with all my other devices. Now I can’t until I can get into setup again.

“Hopefully at that time once it’s rebooted you will see the default network or be able to connect to the LAN port and connect to”

Thanks for helping limbot!

I tried the reboot as you suggested on my VIXMINI.
Now I can’t get into setup!
Can you please give me all the steps for connecting my devices and how I can get into
the setup screen?
This is really frustrating!

Can you see its default wifi (as per the bottom of the router) and can you attach to the wifi?
Do you have an Ethernet compatible device you can physically plug into the LAN port?

I assume you’ve seen the instructions here?

Thanks for helping again limbot.
I was able to connect to the router on my phone
using the default password.

But I still can not connect to the setup screen with
Can you please tell me how to connect the cables?
Nothing works.

Yes I read the instructions, but it does not talk about cables.

BTW the interface at this site is crazy.
Formatting problems etc.

When you connect via your phone, can you see what IP address your phone is getting? Make sure you have any VPN or adblocking type apps turned off and try turning off your mobile data.

To connect via ethernet, then plug one end of ethernet, into the ethernet port of your notebook or desktop and make sure that the network card is set to DHCP and then plug the other end into the LAN port of the Vixmini then try 192.168.1

There is also this gl.inet video here which covers wired connection and troubleshooting

It takes some time for the router to reset after pressing the Rest button for 10 seconds, so it is good to wait 5 minutes. You can just repeat the procedure if it did not work the first time.

The “First Time Setup” URL for the VIXMINI states the following, so you have to connect over Wifi the first time, not with Ethernet cable:

Note: VIXMINI has only 1 Ethernet port which works as WAN. You can only connect to it via Wi-Fi when you first set up the router.

Since you are able to connect your smartphone wifi to the VIXMINI SSID with default password “goodlife”, then it may have been reset successfully.

Connect a computer wifi to the router, then try opening in a browser. Make sure that you explicitly specify http because some browsers default to using https otherwise.

In Windows, open a Command Prompt window, so you can look up the IP Address and Default Gateway IP, then try pinging the router:


ping (enter the Default Gateway IP from ipconfig)

It is puzzling that the GL-MT300N-V2 did not show up on the camera wifi scan, so check that SSID Visibility is set to Shown in the router’s wireless settings. The D-Link DCS930L also allows you to manual enter the wireless settings (i.e., SSID, Channel, Wifi security/password) and you can try that instead of scanning a Site Survey.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet