Router/VPN cant connect to internet

I have the GL-Inet AC1300 model GLMT1300. I purchased this router to assist with securing wifi when traveling. I added OpenVPN client following the correct instructions to the letter that were provided by my vpn provider. I was able to connect to my home segmented wifi network and verify that I was indeed connected to the internet and I was also able to check to make sure that that the VPN was working properly per instructions from my current VPN provider.

When I tried to access a local coffee shop the router would not connect to their wifi. I was told that this is likely due to “captive portal” and I was provided instructions with options that were not available on my routers admin page. It is fair to say that alll wifi that I will use while traveling(hotels etc) will require /captive portal. Please help. I have heard many good things about your product and would like to move past the hurdle. Thanks for any help you can provide.

It is better that you can post imges and links so that I can understand what you actually did.

When you connect to the cafe wifi, does the repeater actually connected and get IP address?

Before we check captive portal, the repeater have to connect first. The router should get an IP address

Then check the guide for connecting to public wifi Connect to a Hotspot with a Captive Portal - GL.iNet Router Docs 4
Need to make sure:

  • DNS rebind protection is off
  • VPN is off
  • Encrypted dns is off

Steps are below that should answer all questions. Please see below and let me know your thoughts. Also is this just a problems with this router model? If so I will purchase a different model number to just be over this issue. As stated below in the steps I was able to connect to my home guest network with VPN enabled on router without issue. Please help.


1.After connecting to my router SSID I log into the admin page.

  1. I then locate the Starbucks SSID via the scan option near repeater.

  2. I connect the the Starbucks SSID via my router. Note that it does not require me to enter user name or password. I mention this because when I successfully connected to the my home guest network (obviously different SSID than Starbucks) I was required to enter username and password.

  3. At the very top of the admin screen the app lists that I am connected to Starbucks Wifi under the Internet tab.

  4. A yellowish dot appears next to my VPN tab indicating an issue.

Is there perhaps a different model that works better with captive portals?

Even a firestick works better with captive portals than these routers. Just do a simple search on captive portal issues and see for yourself others' struggle with this problem. BTW, I bet you that someone that I know as "Mr no problem exists" will come soon to declare that there are no such problems with these routers and it is just people here that don't know how to use them properly.

If you read my reply above you will find the solution.

The WiFi has a captive portal and the vpn settings blocks it. So you need to disable vpn, dns rebind protection etc so that the captive portal pop up.
After you get authenticated you can enable vpn again.

Did you miss this bit?