Router web GUI can't be reached

I’m having trouble setting up my router I am receiving this error when I access saying this site can’t be Reached.


can you ping the router?
Are you connected to the right network?

How does your setup look like?

If you using your PC windows and try 2 ootions
Number one type cmd and open terminal or console then write down console:

ipconfig /flushdns

Second option find text file “host” in folder system32

If not working, could be someone using IP different device, or can not reach connect to router…

None of these options will help in case of direct IP access.
And the second option is highly dangerous.

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If you are using a LAN cable, make sure it is plugged to LAN, not WAN.
If you are using WLAN, make sure the client is using the correct WLAN. Some devices will act intelligent and if no Internet is available, they are switching to the last known connection with internet. Some kind of annoying.

If the connection is checked, try to enter the full address in your browser: … Some intelligent browsers will always switch to https;// and since you have not mentioned your router model, some models don’t listen at https://, only at http:// …

Yes, if use glinet app and will help to hold WiFi without Internet.