Router wont keep personal data when upgrading

I have personal scripts in /root and they are wiped with upgrading the firmware even with keeping config setting. Why? and how to disable it? From previous years when I had my own vanilla OpenWRT router, all personal settings were saved during firmware upgrade including /root and /etc.

I think there was a file under /etc/sysupgrade.conf or something where you could add folders to keep which wont be wiped for new firmware. /root should be default though for this, no?

This file should contains your platform’s proprietary files

and directories that need to be preserved during OpenWRT sysupgrade.



This is the default file for Brume 2. Can I just put /root into it and files will be preserved?

What about config files under /etc/, it seems other config files under /etc/mosquitto/ were also wiped like password files…

GLInet need to add a separate warning and also gui here:

where you can edit /etc/sysupgrade.conf directly

Unfortunately, this is how GL iNet engineers have written the update code.

I have also been burned by their updates, and found that posts to this forum does not help, so I have written my own scripts to backup everything important on my GL iNet routers.

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I know you saw my HOW-TO. These questions are covered by it. You can find it again via my profile header.

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It would be hard to miss all your posts on this subject. REALLY HARD

I agree with @mkdr that is should be part of the product, and not supplied by some random user.


I make no apologies for being so brazen. It’s not like I expect any thanks when it bails out anyone’s ass outta the fire when they fcvk up trying to go beyond stock. /s

GL is two full releases behind current OWRT; I highly doubt they’re going to prioritize such a feature request given the target demographic. Until then it’s a damn good thing we can roll our own. One can dream, though…

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