Router's original interface no longer available

New forum user here. Have been using inet routers for several years. At some time I updated the firmware of the 2 Creta routers currently in use, and since that time the original interface is no longer available: both routers switch to the LuCI login screen right away even if I call up the root. I want to use one of the routers with a USB modem and found out that the relevant settings (“tethering” are only available in the original interface). How can the routers be returned to their full functionality? Thanks in advance for relevant advice.

Please install the original GL firmware to get the GL GUI back:

“The opkg install command failed with code 11”

Maybe I uploaded it at the wrong place. Will look for more options.

That’s not how you install a firmware :wink:

  1. Navigate to LuCI → System → Backup / Flash Firmware → Actions: Flash new firmware image.

  2. Click Choose File button to select firmware image.

  3. Click Flash image… to upload firmware image.


Following your instructions, I got the problem fixed. Thanks!

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Just to say, I recently also upgraded from 3 → 4 on a AR750, using the official firmware from the gl-inet page here GL.iNet download center and after upgrade I no longer have the gl-inet GUI either.

After some debugging I can verify that this is associated with changing the IP address of the router, even if that is done solely by the GL GUI. Change it and on the next reboot then you only get the luci-gui. I expect this is because the service that serves the GL GUI (which I think is nginx) isn’t having its IP address updated.

That is most interesting. I will check that IP address situation next time I use the router and report back.

Following up on your report: Recently I installed the latest available firmware from GL.iNet download center (as instructed by admon), and I have now changed the LAN from 192.168.8.x to 192.168.1.x - still have both interfaces. Looks like this issue is related to specific bversions of the firmware…

It seems that you used a vanilla openwrt firmware and have browser cache.

I don’t think so, I loaded up version 4.3.10 from the gl-inet website, and if it was an vanilla openwrt firmware I wouldn’t have got the gl-inet GUI in the first place.

But you can just clear browser cache and try.