Routing between 2 Gl.inet routers

Hi friends,
I have a GL.inet SlateAX as my main router, and a GL-AR300M NAND in router mode with (WWAN).

ISP → SlateAX → AR300M (WWAN) → Synology

The 300M is connected to a device without WiFi (Synology).

The AR300M has a subnet of 10.0.0.x/24
The Slate has a subnet of 10.0.5.x/24

On the AR300M, I’ve accepted all the FW zones:

I can access the AR300 ( from the Slate.

On the Slate side, I’ve added a route for any traffic to use the gateway of but I still cannot access my Synology or the AR300 on its native ip of

Any guidance would be greatly appreciate :slight_smile:

Instead, I suggest you set up Port Forwarding of all the required ports (DSM-5000/5001, SMB, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, etc.) from WAN to LAN. Alternatively, you can put the Synology NAS in the DMZ that should forward all ports.

I doubt the GL-AR300M as a wireless repeater/repeater will provide much throughput for a NAS, especially only over the 2.4GHz band,.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

@hilll can you have a check of this one?

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slate ping AR300M wan ip( ok

slate ping AR300M subnet lan gateway( is ok?

ssh to slate route, execute command: route

get the route rule.

in the slate can execute command:


cloud you find the pkg, go to the ?

int the AR300M, will set firewall, set DMZ to access the Synology