Routing Inbound Traffic As Client (Slate)

I am attempting to route traffic coming in to my openVPN client from the PureVPN host and am having no luck. I am using PureVPN to have a constant public IP, not so much for typical VPN use, so I use DDNS to make other systems aware of my IP address and connect with my equipment.

On the router (Version 3.203, not using Luci) I created an OpenVPN connection to PureVPN. It connects and gets an IP address.

I used VPN Policy to tell the system to allow only the two devices I want to be accessed to use the VPN (via MAC address), and this works, as I generated outbound transactions that logged the public IP address and it matches the VPN public IP address.

I then used port forwarding to redirect ovpn traffic on certain ports to the IP addresses of the two devices I want outbound facing. This does NOT happen.

Any thoughts on where I might look next?

Can you check your openvpn client page and make sure this two option is enabled?

For your application, you want to access device behind the router. I suggest you to consider our solution. With Astrorelay you can install a small program on the router and make links to access your devices. And you can set IP restrictions to allow only some IP to access your link.

Thanks for your reply, I had tried it both ways. The “i” informational message next to the prompt almost makes it sound like it enables local file sharing on the router (USB device maybe?), but tried it several times (and again this morning at your suggestion) with no luck.

TCPDUMP on the router’s “tun0” device shows no inbound traffic when I attempt to connect via the public IP address. It does show activity when I load a webpage from the lan side via the tunnel.

I’m becoming increasingly convinced the problem is with PureVPN, which will be terrible as they have been entirely ineffective in providing any guidance.

Thanks again.

It turned out to be the VPN provider. PureVPN’s public config files don’t work “out of the box”, and the server(s) I needed to connect to weren’t listed anywhere on their website “servers” page.

It works well, but I have to say, I’m very disappointed in PureVPN’s setup information pages.

If you want to access your device you may just use our solution.

That looks interesting, but I hate the site doesn’t do a better job of how it works (ie, it loads on your router, it loads on a pc on the network, etc).

In its website there is a video instruction of how to use.

Yes the website are still lack of clear info and will be improved.