Rtty for non goodcloud users

lets say a user has a single router and does not part-take in the goodcloud service and uses wireguard or openvpn enabled. the router does not have a real internet ip but uses port forwading for vpns. is it possible to launch the rtty server on the lan interface of the router and have the web term interface accessible to a user vpn’ing into the router?

Could you please draw a network topology you want? But rtty feature is a part of Goodcloud service, I don’t think it could be supported in your local enviroment.

I will remove the excess topology. if rtty allows you to run a terminal session over the web interface then basically what I’m looking for is a a local lan user running his browser on 192.168.8.x and connecting to a webified terminal session on of router

So this is just a web terminal.

I believe this is not difficult.