Run udp discovery protocol to make unifi protect work via vpn


there is an old issue with ubiquiti unifi protect android app and the fact that it isn’t able to directly connect over vlans. This also applies for vpn connection if your vpn end point is not in the same vlan as the unifi controller.
There are workaround in terms of a script utilizing the udp discovery protocol. e.g.:

since I am about to replace my raspberry pi wireguard server by an Brume MT2500, I was wondering if there’s something similar for OpenWRT.
Does anyone know?

OpenWrt runs on the RPis. Why not flash it & give it a shot? It sounds like you’re going to have to do some custom firewall chains so you’d probably end up using LuCI for an advance firewall config rather than the convivence of GL’s GUI.

Note the Burme 2 is currently at GL firmware 4.2.1. That runs OpenWrt 21.02. This tidbit is important as OpenWrt is about to change over from iptables to nftables for the firewall in the upcoming v. 23.x.

You can always transfer over those confs to the Burme 2 when you’re ready to pick it up:

I’m sorry you have misunderstood me or I did not express myself well but I don’t intent to use OpenWRT on my Rapsberry. I actually want to replace my Raspberry by GL.inet Brume 2, which I already own.
There are several reasons for Brume over Raspberry, but I’d like to get my Unifi Protect issue solved, even tough I went for Brume aka OpenWRT.
I was hoping someone can point me to an OpenWRT package or script which does the same as the scripts I linked.


I guess I wasn’t clear: I’m suggesting your RPi + OpenWrt to test before purchasing a Brume 2.

Re: unifi-proxy

These are javascripts. Node.js can execute .js. It’s available in OpenWrt 21.02, which GL firmware 4.2.1+ uses… so I don’t see why not.

Re: unifi-mimic

That requires libnet-1.1.x or later as a dependency. libnet-1.2.x (1.2-rc3-4) is available in in OpenWrt 21.02. How much difficulty you’ll experience getting that code to compile under OpenWrt is a different question.

I think you’ll want to pose your questions to the OpenWrt forums for advice. This is a bit of a pretty advanced scenerio you’re trying to setup.

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good point! I’ll try that. thx