S/W bug? GL-AR300M ver2.264 not allowing login to Advanced settings beyond status page

This is occurring on multiple AR300M routers. Can only login to Luci status page, cannot get beyond to any settings. Seems to be a software bug in ver 2.264.

It’s the first time I’ve heard of it!
Anyway, try upgrading to 2.27 testing and try again.

what will happen if you click other page?

Apparently the problem is linked to MWAN Interface Live Status which was taking an extremely long time to update. Now, about 24 hours later, it has updated and I can go to other pages. So the bug seems to be that the Status page won’t let me go to other pages until the MWAN Interface Live Status finishes updating.

I see. In my experience mwan3 status page should be very fast and will not block the UI.

Normally it is. Interestingly, the problem did not occur at all on the AR750 ver 2.263.

What version of mwan3? Version 1 did have a bug in the Luci interface that did freeze the initial Luci page, sometimes for a very long time.
Also Luci will only allow one user at a time, even the same user in two browser tabs on the same machine. This has the effect of only allowing access to the first page.
Could one of these be the problem?

It is mwan3 version 1.6-2.

Try uninstalling luci-app-mwan3. This will leave mwan3 untouched and still running. See if the problem goes away.

I am experiencing this with a remote connection into my AR300M16, running 2.27, located behind my main router firewall. I have opened ports 22 and 83 in both my main router and AR300M16. I have a DDNS account at No-IP. My remote connection, both for SSH and remote console is from my phone on 4G. I log in just fine to main status page but when I go for advanced settings, a secondary dialog box should pop up and ask me yes or no,. Instead I get message that says page does not exist, then sends me back to the homepage.Screenshot_2018-08-01-16-50-29-2.

The intent of this device is to get prepared for a OpenVPN Server in near future. I intend to travel with a matching AR300M16 as my vpn client. So naturally remote connection ability needs to be established first.

I did some more checking . The phone company is doing some filtering , maybe NAT. I repeated the tests from a 2nd phone and also a remote terminal. The cellphones both could not access the advanced settings page but the remote terminal on the we could.

So maybe not the same issue.

However, having the extra dialog pop up can easily be handled with a checkbox on the actual Advanced Settings page,and maybe remote administration can also be achieved with a browser ona cell phone.

Everything is good and behaving as it should.