S1300, ble to zigbee?

Is possible convert s1300 ble to s1300 zigbee by software update?

Sorry this cannot be done now.

There is different firmware for BLE and Zigbee for the BLE/Zigbee module. This firmware cannot be upgraded OTA.

ok, but i find only ble version on amazon.it

On Amazon it is only BLE. If you want Zigbee version you need to buy from our web store.

Hi, it’ok but buying from our web store has to pay the duties for import :frowning: (already happened with gl-mifi)


There is nothing we can do with the VAT now. Living in Europe have to live with VAT.

yes, on italy need to pay VAT (22%) and another % for duties

On Amazon the taxes are already paid. There is no way to avoid the taxes.

yes, on amazon is a final price, and it’s less than the price on glinet store + taxes:

s1300 on amazon.it is €177.90 euro, on glinet store is $159.00 + shipping + VAT + duties