S1300: How to configure Mesh on qsdk "clean" image?

After having many problems with latest version 3.203 of the GL.Inet image on my S1300, I thought I might try the “clean” image. The GL.Inet image is very bloated and slow for my needs:
I don’t need VPN, Adguard, or an other features other than a simple Wifi Router with Mesh (for the other S1300 I have).

So I installed the latest QSDK “clean” image (ver. 3.023, which is a bit old, but the only available one on the download site) and was able to configure wifi using Luci.
But my question is how to configure Mesh, as pressing the Mesh button has no affect on the “clean” image.

Is there any CLI to do this?
Any help would be appreciated!

With clean images everything has to configure manually.

If you have problem with 3.203 maybe you can go back to 3.105 for now. We are looking into the problem.

Same issue with 3.203 here, and have simply reverted to 3.105 on my S1300, but as soon as I press the Mesh button and wait for the blinking to accelerate, I loose all access to the router and cannot connect to it. I see the WIFI SSID drop out and then when it returns, I am unable to access the GUI by connecting to it using the IP address.

Is there an additional plugin required that got lost in the downgrade?

I’ve tried reflashing with the GLInet image repeatedly without success.

I think the only thing to be noted is that do not reserve settings when you downgrade.