S1300 vs AX1800 RAM usage

Dear folks,
on my two S1300 devices with 512MB of RAM and firmware 3.215, the free amount of RAM with ~500.000 activ Adguard filters listed in plug-ins menu is ~ 370MB.

The AX1800 Flint with firmware 3.214, 512MB of RAM and the same Adguard filter list has only 25MB of free RAM in plug-ins menu.

How can this be possible ?

BTW: The S1300 is a fantastic device.

Firmware V4.x is making changes. Nginx memory leak was fixed in Beta V 4.1.0 Release 4 and release 5 is out now.

I do agree that Flint does like to use alot of memory, but it also does cache and reserve almost 20%
Running firmware V4.1.0 release 5

You might try using a different blocklist OISD Full list really all you need for the majority of situations. If you are running multiple list with redundant entries this can slow down you DNS

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Pls note RAM and ROM (storage).

In Plugin page it is storage.

S1300 actually has 8GB storage and around 800MB is used for the firmware.

AX1800 has only 128MB flash only!

Thank you for this information ! :slight_smile: