S2S access only first lan no more


i use several gl inet router for can do S2S.
i have one configured 1 AR750 like server at home.

by goudcloud i do the S2S connection only 2 router each time (for can access to machine 1 at time)
most of time is working well.

but for 3 machine i have problem.

i start the S2S, it start correctly.
i can ping the remote S2S ip adress
i can ping the remote lan ip adress of gl inet router

but i can’t ping the 2 machine that i have connect on remote lan ip, why?
this happen only on 3 different site. i have more tha 15 site working.

at home server is connect to 192.168.2.XXX
remote is connect to internet lan ip is (i can ping it and acces on webpage)
machine 1 is connect 192.168.7.XXX not way to ping or connect
machine 2 is connect 192.168.7.XXX no way to ping or connect…
could you help me?


  1. Could you give me a network topology diagram.
  2. what do you mean the site? do you mean website?

the diagram is like this:

           wireguard                             S2S goodcloud                                                lan network

my laptop <-----> gl inet server at home <---------> Gl inet router on customer site <---------> computer 1
computer 2

what i call site is the remote side of my gl inet.
we do site to site or machine to machine if you prefer.

i manage to solve the problem by activate Masquerading option in luci> network>firewall>Zones Lan.

i dont know why

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