S2S problems after MT300N-V2 firmware upgrade

Hi. Using S2S with 2 MT300N-V2 worked perfectly well with firmware 3.216. I have upgraded to fw 4.3.10 on local MT300N-V2 (main node). Remote MT300N-V2 is still with 3.216.
Since this upgrade S2S link is ok, status is on-line for both MT300N-V2 (local and remote) BUT there is no transfer and impossible to get answer from my remote server …
Is it a problem related to 4.3.10 fw or do I need to downgrade back to 3.216 ?
Thanks for the answer

Please provide your device’s MAC address as we need this information to locate the issue

The S2S function needs to meet the requirement that the device has a public IP address and port 51830 of the device is opened. You can test whether the network environment meets the conditions at the location shown in the above figure

The local MT300N-V2 has a public IP address and port 51830 is forwarded. Test is OK. Link has been established successfully but still non access and transfer with remote server.
Note that access and transfer were working previously fine with firmware 3.216. The only change made was to update local MT300N-V2 to last 4.3.10 firmware …

Is it safe to publish MAC address in a forum ?? For the moment I have deleted the post with MAC Address. If you need them, please let me know, I’ll send them by mail.

You can rest assured that just one MAC address will not expose any other information. However, your concern is also correct. You can send the MAC address and the details page of the S2S configuration to support@gl-inet.com
At present, we are building the same testing environment as your S2S, and we need to restore the same configuration to locate the problem

There is no problem testing under the same conditions on our end. We hope you can provide us with screenshots of details similar to the one above

Here is a screenshot of the S2S link. Link is OK and transfer shows data sent and received. Main node is running with fw 4.3.10. Node 1 is running with fw 3.216. But there is no longer any response from server attached to node1 after having upgraded main node to 4.3.10.

In addition, here is a screenshot of my S2S network which was working fine till firmware 3.216.

Note that there is no possibility to upgrade node 1 (site B) to 4.3.10, because of parameters lost after migration fw3 to fw4… and consequently impossibility to distant restart after upgrade.
Thanks for your help.

It seems that your connection configuration is normal. I suspect that your router settings are affecting this feature. We hope you can share these two devices with the gl.inet_service account and send the router password to this email: support@gl-inet.com