S2S server error

When I tried to start S2S server from goodcloud, it retruned error message:

Failed to start Site to Site network. Error code: -1001, msg: server error

Please kindly help with many thanks

Pls pm your username of GoodCloud to me

PM already, please check thanks

Anyone else has the same problem?

i’m also faceing the same issue when adding subnets over the s2s

@alzhao can anyone help me on the below error on goodcloud

code: -1001, msg: server error

@clannad can you check this error?

I’m getting this error when adding another router to my network. S2S does start for old routers but new (AXT1800) cannot connect and it shows error “The following two devices, the WAN IP of the first device is conflicted with the LAN IP of the second device”
There is no conflict. I tried to change LAN IP few time but getting the same error

What are the IP address ranges on each device? Is one behind another router?

Main node( is behind home router with subnet The old router with works with s2s now is also behind main home router and has subnet New router which cannot establish s2s has I tried to add it to s2s it when connected from home network and from Mobile USB tethering with no luck