S2S Topology Question

I’m trying to plan this ahead and to save me some trips.
Need to figure if what I want to try is possible with my current network topology

When I connect to the GL Routers by VPN (as in the diagram), I can access the GL’s portal, the portal of the Router the GL is connected to and the personal laptop on 1.101
I haven’t tried it live but suppose that i could also reach 2.101, using the VPN and then the S2S, the way it would work if i was on that GLs LAN or WIFI

I would like to connect from the personal laptop 1.101 to the personal laptop on 2.101
It would be straight forward if i moved both to the LAN ports of their respective GLs but, because those are not the only devices on the each side of the network I want to connect to each other, I would like to keep them at this level.