S2S Wireguard VPN Automatically reconnect


I’ve set up a Wireguard VPN using the S2S GoodCloud Feature.
Because of a poor internet Connection on one - side the connection rarely breaks.

This is not a problem, but it should reconnect when it breaks. This does not work, I’ve to manually stop the tunnel and then manually reconnect.

How can I setup an auto-reconnect for the S2S VPN-Tunnel?

Thank you

Is the one broken the Server side (Main node) or Client side (Sub node)?

I’ve only the main node what has a static IP, the other node does not has any.
So the connection is always initiated from the NODE1.

Restarting NODE1 brings up the S2S tunnel.
Stopping on goodcloud & restart it on the webpage brings up the tunnel
Executing manually via SSH the wireguard_watchdog does not bring up the tunnel

This happens when the internet-connection temporarely failed on Node1 or on the Main-Node

After reviewing the Configuration file /etc/config/gl_s2s we saw that on the NODE1 the

option endpoint xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx

Setting was missing. After stopping and starting the Tunnel from goodcloud.xyz the option is restored.
So there may be some issue with the auto-provisioning on goodcloud.xyz