Save AXT1800 Logs to the SD card

I have the awesome GL-Inet AXT1800.
Today the power went out and I spent most of the morning trying to connect to it remotely. Once connected, I saw the system log had wiped and I could not get any history on what was going on.

Is there a way to have the system/all logs save to or backup to the SD card so they can be saved even if respawned??

There is no built-in way of doing so, but since it's OpenWrt you can simply run a cronjob to copy all logs to your SD card every hour, minute or what ever timespan you would like to.

I was looking thru the 100s of plug-ins to see if someone already made one.

Those plugins are not created for the AXT1800 itself, they are for OpenWrt in general.
Unfortunately, it seems there is no ready-to-use solution available yet.

I am still new to the ATX1800 and OpenWRT so learning my way around. Have not found the terminal window option yet or where to begin writing a cron script. All my previous routers were the home editions pre-baked by Linksys or Asus. the travel router part of the ATX1800 is what drew my attention.

"Terminal" is called SSH, you need to connect by it.

Cronjobs: [OpenWrt Wiki] Scheduling tasks with cron

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