Script: Update Tailscale on (nearly) all devices

Please run the script without the --ignore-free-space it's not needed anymore.

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I did do that first, and had the same outcome

Please do it again and give me the whole output, including the tailscale version command at the end.

Can confirm this with Flint 2. The tailscale version was also blank when the script was finished updating.

version was blank at the end on my side too

I can confirm the issue, will trying to fix.

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Using ./ --no-tiny seems to get stuck at downloading also.

Stuck on -Stopping Tailscale

The bug was built-in because of the switch from wget to curl
It is fixed now, please rerun the script - it will fetch the newest version automatically.


can confirm this is fixed on my side, thank you very much for the script and the rapid support!

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This bug is fixed now as well. My script will always use the latest available version, regardless of whether or not it is tagged as latest inside the official repository.

@ all: Please rerun the script to update to v1.68.1 of tailscale.


Wow. Thank you! Worked flawless on my Brume 2 (MT2500).

The script also kept my exit node configuration. Wonderful.

This is what I call a community!!! I do not have scripting skills. Good job!


The bug within the cross compile was fixed, Beryl (AX) is now supported.
Beryl should work as well.

@ all: Please rerun the script to update to v1.68.2 of tailscale.

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