Semi-bricked Slate AX

I built this 64-bit firmware GitHub - coolsnowwolf/openwrt-gl-ax1800

Which works on theAXT1800, but is much harder to use than the stock firmware.

Problem is that the u-boot failsafe (did it change it?) times out when uploading large images (such as stock firmware).

Even after uploading your uboot.html from here Commits · gl-inet/uboot-ipq60xx · GitHub I still have problem—I can upload the firmware I built as it is only 8 MB, but the stock firmware always fails to upload.

I really want a 64-bit kernel (32-bit user-space is fine) to work with, but I also want stock firmware (with all the gl-inet interface stuff which is polished especially with wireguard), and would prefer 32-bit stock firmware to nothing.

While glinet image use seperate mtd partitions for squashfs, kernel, and ubi—this 64-bit build uses one mtd partition for the three and 3 ubi partitions.

Is there a way to unbrick via tftp?

You have to debrick uing uboot.

If your pc cannot upload big files, try change mtu of your pc’s network card.

Or just try another pc.

I figured out what the problem was with uploading.

The vanilla openwrt used the same ip address, and I had firefox on auto-refresh in another tab, and the u-boot uhttpd couldn’t handle the multi-tasking of the spurious requests (I DoSed myself).