SEO of and subdomains


I hope you don’t mind me giving you some free SEO advice…

I have noticed that GL site and forums are available on several sub domains:
(and possibly more that I haven’t found.)

There appears to be no difference/regionalisation in the pages served on each of the different subdomains and you might want to have a look at this as it could be hurting your google position for two reasons:

  1. Your SSL certificate is not configured with a subject alternative name (SAN) for which causes a certificate error for visitors to the site. Also for some reason that I cannot work out, most of google’s search results for pages on are for the sub domain. This combined with the certificate error above will likely be causing a lot of harm to your web traffic as visitors arriving at your site from a google search will be prevented access by their browser because of the SSL error. I would suggest that you either replace your SSL certificate with one that contains the SAN for or you place a 301 redirect in your Apache config to redirect all to either or

  2. The availability of the same site on three different sub domains without a canonical tag in the html specifying the autoratitive sub domain might be hitting you with an algoithmic penalty for duplicate content. I would suggest that you standardise on one of the domains unless you are regionalising your content in some way that I cannot see.

I hope you don’t mind me sticking my nose in to this for you, but I find myself constantly getting certificate warnings when visiting your site from google search results.

Kind regards,