Separate wireless network for wireguard VPN? Beryl MT1300


I have a Beryl MT1300. I’m not familiar with the GL-iNet routers’ interface or openWRT.

My goal is to have 1 normal wireless network and 1 wireless network that routes all traffic through the Wireguard VPN.

The VPN policy looked like an easy option, where I disable the VPN for guest wifi, and that’s it. But the guest wifi cannot access the router’s control panel. If it was the other way around, this would work perfectly.

Normally, I would create another wireless network, assign to a different VLAN, and then route the VLAN’s traffic through the Wireguard VPN. I’m not sure how to accomplish this on the MT1300, and I can’t find instructions to configure VLAN on the documentation page.

Appreciate any help, thank you.