Separete LANs

I have been looking at the openwrt documentation and it seems that here is no much about how to separate a LAN Ethernet in another network so they cant communicate just like the GUEST WIFI network.

All manual require to create a vlan but the LUCI interface does not show the current configurations just empty.

Can anyone help me to generate some LAN network segregation?

OPENWRT Docs shows a simple procedure:

  1. Create new VLAN 3 on the switch.
  2. Remove the physical ports from VLAN1 and assign them to VLAN3 (tagged or untagged, depends on the switches 1 and 2). Also include the CPU port as tagged on VLAN3.
  3. Create new interface LAN2 and use physical interface ethX.3 (where X is the number of the internal interface of the Edgerouter switch), add IP/MASK and DHCP settings.
  4. Assign interface LAN2 to a new firewall zone lan2 and allow forwarding to wan zone.

But the switch section is broken or missing information.

You can refer to this link: