Server Setup issue on GLI Net Flint Router running version 4.1.0 release6

I have recently bought a GLI Flint router running version 4.1.0 release6

What I am seeing in this version of the Firmware/ UI, when I try inputting the local IP address, it will force me to append it with a /32 . I am not finding a way on the UI to eliminate the “/32”.

On the other hand, on a GLI FLint running 3.214 – I was able to successfully enter the local IP address which was the router address for starting the wireguard server. The UI was not forcefully appending /32 to the IP address.

Due to the added /32 , incoming connections might not be able to route to the wireguard server.

Screenshot from old router :

WireGuard configuration use CIDR format, e.g. it simply omits the /24 in 3.x firmware.
You only need to use /24 to keep the same as before.
Incidentally, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest firmware to avoid bugs.